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Sandy Sher

As an Exercise Physiologist, Sandy believes that through the right lifestyle choices and better work practices, we can take a proactive approach to injury management and health. Live 2 be Well was set up to facilitate preventative lifestyle and work practices to assist prevent injury and illnesses through the use of educated decisions and preventative measures.

'I often hear remarks from people around me about the financial cost, time expenditure and effort taken to be healthy, yet the Australian Health Care System spends billions of dollars every year, on treating sickness and injury according the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/index.cfm/title/10659 ).
People tend to wait until they are unwell before they take action to improve their health. Unfortunately instead of treating the causes of our illnesses and conditions through better lifestyle choices and work practices, people treat their symptoms.

I feel the costs of treating and recovering from injury and illness far outweighs the costs of prevention and staying healthy. I often wonder what sort of path a person with terminal illness or a chronic condition would take if they had a second chance knowing what may lie ahead. I think the most important question we need to ask ourselves is: what are we waiting for??'

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