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Polly Rea



Polly is an Accredited Naturopath recognised by the Australian Natural Therapist Association (ANTA).  Continued Professional Education to meet annual Accreditation ensures Polly remains up to date with scientific research in Natural Medicine, which she combines with the Principles of Naturopathy to bring the best available treatment to her patients.


Consultations with Polly can include the use of Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine and Iridology.  The combination of Herbal and Nutritional Medicines is incredibly valuable and well proven in treating many dis-eases. Following a full case history Polly determines the cause of her patients’ symptoms and forms a truly unique treatment plan aimed at correcting this cause, as only then can dis-ease be truly balanced.  She will also to aim to provide symptomatic relief ensuring you’re comfortable throughout your treatment.


Polly works with a range of conditions but has particularly seen patients in the Corporate world experiencing, adrenal and mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and cholesterol, weight management concerns, sleep difficulties, digestive complaints, gout (the corporate lunch dis-ease!) to name a few. Cabin Crew patients and those who frequently travel experiencing lowered immune response, sinus congestion, bloating and digestive complaints, skin conditions, hormonal disruptions and general jet lag also benefit greatly from Polly’s Practice.


Experiencing first hand the miracle of pregnancy, Polly offers fantastic programmes from pre-conception, across all trimesters through to lactation. This is such an important time to ensure you are at your absolute best for both you and your baby.


Further investigation may be required to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis.  These may include, Blood Tests, Urinary Indican Tests, Zinc level testing and Food Intolerance Testing for example.


Consultations with Polly are eligible for Private Health Fund rebates, dependent on your plan.


Polly also offers phone and skype consultations, bringing health right to your doorstep!









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