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Deanne Voysey

Deanne is a deeply intuitive, nurturing, insightful and practical therapist. Sessions with Deanne can deepen your awareness and understanding of your responses and reactions to life. The integrative bodywork she practices aids the release and unravelling of tension in body and being and most importantly helps you to understand why the tension is there in the first place.

Integrative bodywork uses a combination of hands-on energetic healing, connective tissue therapy, massage, needle therapy, life-coaching and discussion to support men, women and children.  Re-connecting to a sense of ease and settlement within is an essential part of the sessions so you leave feeling empowered and reassured of the part you can play in your own healing and well-being.

A wide array of mild to chronic health conditions can be supported with Esoteric Healing Therapies and all treatments work as a complement to your conventional medicine and allied health-care plans. 

Some of the health conditions Deanne commonly supports are:

           •  Stress, anxiety & feeling overwhelmed
           •  Low and depressive moods
           •  Sleeping issues & disturbances
           •  Chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions 
           •  Auto-immune and endocrine disorders
           •  Chronic fatigue & exhaustion
           •  Digestive imbalances and eating disorders
           •  Trauma, PTSD, childhood issues
           •  Fertility support, painful periods, COS, endometriosis, amenorrhoea
           •  Relationship issues & stressful life events
           •  Cancer support (including exercise programs for convalescence & recovery as well as treatments that are specifically tailored to support chemotherapy and radiation therapy).

Deanne Voysey has also been a health and wellbeing presenter for 18 years, largely to the corporate sector.  She runs workshops, classes and programs in Sydney and online with an international audience.  She regularly holds Yoga of Stillness and Sitting Yoga programs and is a presenter of the  ‘Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women’. 

To read more about Deanne and the treatments she offers visit deannevoysey.com.au or email deanne@deannevoysey.com.au

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