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Woman's Health

It is imperative for women to be healthy as they play a very vital role in maintaining the health of their family and the community as well. The best gift the body asks for is good health. You manage to do your daily chores, reach professional goals, socialize, but what you mostly ignore is your health. Stop taking your health for granted as it might cause serious far-reaching consequences.


The basic step for Women’s Healthcare is to eat right, follow a healthy diet chart, retain physical fitness from activities like sports, dance, yoga and meditation. Exercise and right nutritional supplements work wonders for good health. The bodies of men and women are crafted differently. Women’s body demands special need and care. Nine months of pregnancy not only involves physiological changes but mental and emotional changes as well. Hence, special care and attention is called for during pregnancy.


Give up smoking. We all know smoking causes cancer and heart diseases. But do you know it is much more harmful for women in particular. The number of women smokers between the age group of twenty-five and forty has reached a high level since the last decade. Women smokers who take oral contraceptives are prone to cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. Harmful chemicals present in tobacco reaches the fetus thus causing unwanted risks for the unborn kid and the mother. Other harmful effects of smoking during pregnancy include early menopause, low birth weight, miscarriage, premature bursting of membranes and neonatal death. Highest risk of future infertility among women also arises from smoking.


Small things like drinking lots of water, sleeping well contributes to women healthcare. Avoid any sort of stress, add vitamin and mineral supplements to your diet and most important of all go for regular check-ups to the doctor. Ensure you have safe sex as it is the best way to stay healthy. Always remember a stitch in time saves nine, the sooner you start taking an initiative the better for society at large.


Women’s fitness means different things to different women. While almost every woman knows that exercise is beneficial, many of us are so busy with our families and our careers, we have very little time for ourselves.


Heavy exercise is not necessary for good health. Moderate exercise levels are the most beneficial. Regardless of your lifestyle in the past, it's never too late to begin making small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. And women’s fitness should be one of those steps.


A lack of women’s fitness can mean an increased risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, obesity, lack of energy, and even hormone imbalance. Obesity, for example, has been linked to breast cancer and the female reproductive system.


Our bodies are built for movement. All systems in our body, like our organs, circulatory and lymph systems, to our muscles and bones, perform best when our body moves, exercises and stretches regularly.


Inactivity will result in bone loss throughout the skeleton. Exercises such as bicycling, weight lifting, jogging, tennis and walking are the best exercises to build bone. Greater muscle strength is associated with stronger bones.


Exercising regularly will give you much better health, attitude, weight loss and energy. Exercise will also help you build muscle and lose inches. Remember muscles are heavier than fat, and sometimes with exercise you will lose inches but your weight will remain the same.


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