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Holistic Counselling / Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine explores the role that the mind, emotions & spirit play in contributing to health and illness. Stress, conflicting desires and goals, unresolved interpersonal issues, fears and pain, and numerous limiting beliefs all contribute to one's experience of health, or disease. Holistic counselling looks to your whole being and well-being rather than just focussing a particular physical, mental or emotional state.


Since we are individuals, we all have different responses to stressful situations. One person may experience insomnia or headaches, while another may feel frustrated or angry. Yet another person could become depressed or lose their sexual drive. In some cases, we can feel lost or that we no longer have control over our lives, or that we are somehow victims of external circumstances.


Holistic counselling works to instil a feeling of self-empowerment where we are able to take responsibility, accept ourselves, and find the courage to make changes in our lives. Techniques may involve stress management techniques, listening and communication skills, relaxation exercises, and even meditation to assist us in realising our full potential in all aspects of our lives. In all cases, the purpose of holistic counselling is to enable us to experience life with greater joy and self-awareness.


Most ancient healing practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga emphasize the mind and body connection. Western medical views have only more recently connected the importance of a healthy mind and healthy body. Today, there is renewed interest in these age-old traditions and mind-body programs are now established at prestigious medical schools around the world.


Holistic Counsellors at SEH:


Keri Krieger






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