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Dry Needling

Dry needling blends the principles of western medical anatomy and physiology with the ancient Chinese Medicine Technique of Acupuncture to create a technique for treating muscular pain and trigger points that is very effective with minimal discomfort. It is not based on the philosophy of Acupuncture, but uses the same needles and many of the same pressure points in the body. The effect is both local (where the needle was applied) and general, causing relaxation of the body and an overall improvement in your sense of well being.


Dry needling is great for any form of muscular pain, it works especially well for sports injuries such as a calf muscle tear, lower back and buttock pain as well as those aching computer shoulders.


The technique is rarely used alone (although in some cases it may be), and works well with the other therapies.


Dry needling stimulates the body's endorphin system, causing a release of the natural pain killing hormones that the body secretes. It also alters the pain gate - the mechanism through which a person experiences pain. By receiving a stimulus other than the deep ache, your nervous system is able to reprogram itself to stop receiving a pain impulse. The dry needling directly applied to the trigger points causes a release in the muscle spasm at this motor point (a motor point is where the nerve enters the muscle and gives the "contract" command).


Dry Needling at SEH:


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