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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the first type of massage a therapist learns when doing the western style massage training. These techniques provide the basis for relaxation massage, remedial massage and sports massage. The techniques include:


Kneading; in which the muscles are kneaded between the therapists fingers one hand after the other.


Effleurage; which are the long strokes to include a large area such as the back or legs, gliding up the centre of the back and down the sides. This technique is used to apply the oil and for the beginning or end of the massage.


Tapotement; is a rhythmic tapping to various parts of the body one hand after the other with a gently closed fist or with the edge of the hand on the little finger side.


Frictions; are short movements either across the muscle fibres or along the muscle fibres targeted to a specific area.


The key to a good Swedish massage is the correct combination of rate, rhythm and depth. If the therapist moves more deeply into the muscle the movement must be slower and as the pressure is lighter the speed can be increased. A variety of depth and speed provides the patient with an affective massage, deep enough to release tightness and slow enough to enable the patient to relax.


















































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