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Esoteric Healing

Esoteric healing is a gentle hands-on healing therapy that supports you to re-connect with yourself and the stillness within, so that you can learn how to listen to your body and live in a way that is truly self-nurturing.

Drawing on ancient healing techniques, the sessions work on clearing disharmonious energy from the different pathways, organs and tissues of the body to help you feel lighter, more vibrant and more you ~ without the build up of emotional tension that happens over time.

The touch is deeply nurturing and gentle, supporting you to drop into the calm within. From this place of stillness the body has the opportunity to regenerate and heal. People frequently feel sensations of tingling or pulsing as the body reconfigures. 

The sessions are a great support for anyone suffering from emotional stress such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression and grief and/or physical complaints such as chronic fatigue, infertility, digestives issues and migraines.



Esoteric Healing practitioners at SEH:

Deanne Voysey



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