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Running a Marathon for the First Time.


‘I have a patient who wants to train/plan for her first marathon and I was always impressed with your preparation. Is there a training guide you used or something you can easily pass on?’


“For a first timer the best advice would be to read Hal Higdons marathon training guide - it's simply the best for runners of all levels and covers the material in an easy to read format.


A slightly more advanced read (perhaps after Hal) would be Jack Daniels running formula.


Between these two your friend will be covered.


Marathon running is all about getting in all the "long easy runs" before the event - your friend needs to do at least 3 runs of 32-34km and at least another 3 runs of around 28km as part of her running schedule. Do those 6 runs and your friend will be set.


My personal advise would be to plan a 5 month training schedule (both books and Hal's web site have these schedules to look at) - the last four weeks is the tapper down but the 8 weeks prior to the last 4 weeks is the heavy load - running 6 times a week and covering 80km - 100km per week incorporating the 28km runs and the longer 32-34km runs - never do more than 34km no matter how good they feel - the chance of injury increases dramatically and it really has little effect - most gun marathon runners never run much more than 20 miles (32km) as part of their training.


Diet - just eat a bit more carbs as the km's increase and the day before the long runs - get as much sleep as possible (I love a nap after my long runs) and stay away from sick people as the km's increase because immunity drops.


And lastly - set a time that's achievable - there's V02 max charts in the books so a 5km or 10km run can project a marathon time - then divide by 42 and that's target min/km. A first marathon is about making it to the start line without injury and getting to the end around the time you set, also without injury.


Her life will never be the same...........”



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