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Core Stabilisation

The stabiliser muscles of the body form a framework around your bones and joints. Their function is to provide a strong basis from which you can move. They make you stronger and more agile, improve balance and posture and prevent injury or overloading of the joints.


Children that develop normally have strong stabiliser muscles that they strengthen by playing, climbing, jumping and running. As we become more sedentary with age (sit behind a desk at school, watch TV and sit behind a computer) the stabilisers weaken and we begin to use them less. Unfortunately, when we suddenly discover that we cant balance very well any more or discover that the stomach isnt looking that great any more, the muscles no longer know how to work. That is why you need to gradually strengthen them using the correct exercises.


All the stabiliser muscles work together, so strengthening any one of them assists in strengthening all of them. The primary muscles are the abdominal muscles especially the Transverse Abdominus, the pelvic floor muscles and multifidi muscles next to the spine.


Any exercise with a balance component will strengthen these muscles although if the participant is given an exercise beyond their ability to use the stabilising muscles properly the body will utilise what ever it can, often the prime mover muscles, designed to move limbs rather than stabilise.






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